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django-timepiece 0.4.1

django-timepiece is a multi-user application for tracking people's time on projects.

Latest Version: 1.1.0

django-timepiece is a multi-user application for tracking people’s time on projects.


  • A simple CRM with projects and businesses
  • User dashboards with budgeted hours based on project contracts
  • Time sheets with daily, weekly, and monthly summaries
  • Verified, approved, and invoiced time sheet workflows
  • Monthly payroll reporting with overtime, paid leave, and vacation summaries
  • Project invoicing with hourly summaries


django-timepiece uses Python 2.6


  1. django-timepiece is available on PyPI, so the easiest way to install it is to use pip:

    pip install django-timepiece
  2. Add timepiece to INSTALLED_APPS in and run syncdb:

  3. Add django.core.context_processors.request to TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS:

        "django.core.context_processors.request", # <----
  4. Add the timepiece URLs to, e.g.:

    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        (r'^timepiece/', include('timepiece.urls')),


0.4.1 (06-04-2012)

  • Made projects’ tracker URL’s appear on the project detail view.
  • Added reasonable limits to the total time and pause length of entries.
  • Users can now comment on the active entry while clocking into a new one.
  • Fixed a bug with entries overlapping when clocking in while another entry is active.
  • Added the ability for payroll reviewers to reject an entry, which marks it as unverified.
  • Added a weekly total on the dashboard for all hours worked.
  • The hourly summary in “My Ledger” now shows the entire first week of the month.
  • Made payroll links to timesheets maintain the proper month and year.
  • Made URL’s in entry comments display as HTML links
  • Fixed permissions checking for payroll and entry summary views.
  • Made project list page filterable by project status.
  • Replaced django-ajax-select with latest version of django-selectable
  • Added migration to remove tables related to django-crm

0.4.0 (04-27-2012)

  • Improved personnel timesheets with a simplified, tabbed layout.
  • Improved efficency and consistency of entry queries
  • Removed BillingWindow, RepeatPeriod, and PersonRepeatPeriod models, tables and related code.
  • Removed the update billing windows management command as it is no longer needed.

0.3.8 (02-16-2012)

  • Converted invoice reference to a CharField for more flexibility
  • Added list and detail views for project contracts
  • Hour groups now show totals for each activity nested within them
  • Moved unapproved and unverified entry warnings to the payroll summary page.

0.3.7 (02-01-2012)

  • Make create invoice page inclusive of date

0.3.6 (02-01-2012)

  • Allowed entries to be added in the future.
  • Added per project activity restrictions.
  • Allowed marking entries as ‘not invoiced’ and grouped entries together after clicking on “Mark as invoiced”
  • Added the ability to view previous invoices and export them as csv’s
  • Added the ability to group different activities together into Hour Groups for summarizing in invoices.

0.3.5 (12-09-2011)

  • Optimized Payroll Summary with reusable code from Hourly Reports.
  • Removed use of Textile and used the linebreaks filter tag in its place.

0.3.4 (11-14-2011)

  • Added a new Hourly Reports view with project hours filtered and grouped by user specified criteria.
  • Hourly Reports, General Ledger and Payroll Summary are now subheadings under Reports.
  • Improved My Ledger with row highlighting, better CSS and a title attribute.
  • Fixed Invoice projects to return the date range with m/d/Y.

0.3.3 (10-31-2011)

  • Fixed Time Detail This Week on Dashboard to show correct totals
  • Fixed Billable Summary on My Ledger to show totals for unverified hours

0.3.2 (10-28-2011)

  • My Active Entries on Dashboard now shows the hours worked thus far
  • Improved My Ledger by adding a comments column and a redirect from the edit entry link
  • Fixed issues related to the hourly summary option not appearing for some users
  • Fixed issues with date accuracy in weekly headings on ledger pages
  • General ledger now sorts users by last name
  • Enhanced project time sheets with an activity column and a summary of hours spent on each activity.
  • Invoice projects page now shows project status
  • Activity on clock in page now defaults to the last activity clocked on that project
  • Payroll report only shows users that have clocked hours for the period.


  • Moved to GitHub (and git)
  • Add hourly summary page to report daily, weekly, and monthly hours
  • Refactored weekly overtime calculations to use ISO 8601


  • Removed ability to maintain multiple active entries
  • Enhanced logic on clock in and add entry pages to check for overlapping entries
  • Fixed date redirect when marking projects as invoiced
  • Fixed issues related to the “Approve Timesheet” link missing
  • Include billable, non-billable, uninvoiced, and invoiced summaries on person timesheet
  • Use select_related in a few places to optimize page loads


  • First official release

Development sponsored by Caktus Consulting Group, LLC.

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