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django-tinycontent 0.1.8

A Django app for managing re-usable blocks of tiny content.

django-tinycontent is a simple Django application for re-usable content blocks, much like django-boxes.

Installation is simple:

pip install django-tinycontent

Add tinycontent to your INSTALLED_APPS.

Usage in templates is simple:

{% load tinycontent_tags %}

{% tinycontent_simple 'content_name' %}

Or, to specify a value if a content block by the given name cannot be found, use:

{% load tinycontent_tags %}

{% tinycontent 'content_name' %}
This will be shown if no matching object is found.
{% endtinycontent %}

The name of the content block can also be a context variable, using both the simple and the complex variants.

Content blocks themselves can be added and edited using Django’s admin interface. If a block with the name given in the template tag cannot be found, either nothing is rendered (if using tinycontent_simple), or the text between tinycontent and endtinycontent is rendered (if using the more complex variant).

To apply custom filters to your content, set TINYCONTENT_FILTER to a dotted path to a callable that takes the raw content and returns the transformed content.

django-tinycontent supports Django 1.4 and Django 1.5. Python 2.6 works with both versions of Django, and Python 3.3 is supported for Django 1.5.



  • Added the TINYCONTENT_FILTER setting for controlling the way content is output.
  • Improved testing with Travis (we now test all supported Python versions and Django versions).
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