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django-units 0.2.1

A Django app to convert units between different systems

A Django app to convert units between different systems.

It is meant to simplify the need to use different unit systems at the same time. E.g. providing inputs, that allow entering distances and weights in the imperial or the metric system.


To get the latest stable release from PyPi

pip install django-units

To get the latest commit from GitHub

pip install -e git+git://

TODO: Describe further installation steps (edit / remove the examples below):

Add units to your INSTALLED_APPS


Add the units URLs to your

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^units/', include('units.urls')),

Before your tags/filters are available in your templates, load them by using

{% load units_tags %}

Don’t forget to migrate your database

./ migrate units


TODO: Describe usage or point to docs. Also describe available settings and templatetags.

Point to constants, form mixin and general conversion utils. [WIP]


If you want to contribute to this project, please perform the following steps

# Fork this repository
# Clone your fork
mkvirtualenv -p python2.7 django-units
make develop

git co -b feature_branch master
# Implement your feature and tests
git add . && git commit
git push -u origin feature_branch
# Send us a pull request for your feature branch
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