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django-url-shortener 0.1.2

Simple django app for URL shortening

Latest Version: 0.2


Version 0.1.2

Simple django app for URL shortening with logging to piwik.


Create clean virtualenv and this command will install complete shortener with django and requests libraries:

    pip install django-url-shortener

I also recommend South for database migrations.

    pip install South

Add apps to to Installed apps


For piwik tracking, note that for correct tracking you need a token of admin for the site:

    PIWIK_ID = 42
    PIWIK_URL = ''

Then run

    python syncdb
    python migrate

To track visits run this from command line. For your convenience put this command to cron.

    python track_views

What is Piwik?

Piwik is open-soure alternative to Google Analytics. It is written in PHP uses MySQL and you own all the data you create over the time. If you like it give it a [try]( "").

Sites using this:

* []( "")
* []( "")
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