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django-url-shortener 0.2

Simple django app for URL shortening


Version 0.2

Simple django app for URL shortening with logging to piwik.


Create clean virtualenv and this command will install complete shortener with django and requests libraries:

    pip install django-url-shortener

I also recommend South for database migrations.

    pip install South

Add apps to to Installed apps


For piwik tracking, note that for correct tracking you need a token of admin for the site:

    PIWIK_ID = 42
    PIWIK_URL = ''

Then run

    python syncdb
    python migrate

To track visits run this from command line. For your convenience put this command to cron.

    python track_views

What is Piwik?

Piwik is open-soure alternative to Google Analytics. It is written in PHP uses MySQL and you own all the data you create over the time. If you like it give it a [try]( "").

Sites using this:

* []( "")
* []( "")
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