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django-uuidstore 0.1.0

Site-wide UUIDs for Django projects

A small Django app providing project-wide issue and storage of UUIDs.

Although this is very much a work in progress, I’ve made a start on the documentation at


UID-Store currently depends on django-extensions .


Use your favorite Python installer to install it from PyPI:

$ pip install django-uuidstore

Or get the source from the application site:

$ hg clone
$ cd django-uuidstore
$ python install


Add 'uuidstore' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:


For Django 1.7 users, run python migrate to create the models. Otherwise simply run python syncdb.

Getting Started

First you’ll need to register your model with uuidstore:

import uuidstore.registry import register

From this point onwards each time a MyModel instance is saved uuidstore will detect it and, if create new ObjectUUID instance containing a UUID relating your model instance.

Release Notes

  • Dropped dependency on django-uuid-pk. Now we use the UUIDField from django-extensions.
  • Added migrations for Django 1.7+ and South.
  • Documentation updates.
  • Added basic tests.
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django-uuidstore-0.1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-04-29 16KB