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django-verification 0.1

Generalized app for two-step verification

Latest Version: 0.4.1

Generalized app for two-step verification.


  1. Install the library, for instance with pip:

    pip install django-verification
  2. Add the library to your INSTALLED_APPS of an exiting project:

    INSTALLED_APPS += ['verification']
  3. Add the tables to the existing project.

    Prior to django 1.7:

    $ ./ syncdb


Copy the entire django-verification directory somewhere, set up and enter a virtualenv, then provided you are on some Un*x:

make demo

This’ll ask you to make an admin user. Do so.

The demo should now be running on


To run the tests, first install the testing-requirements:

pip install -r requirements/test.txt

then run the tests with:

make test APP=verification


Create a KeyGroup. KeyGroups hold the config for your Keys, so you might want to make fixtures of them.

from verification.models import KeyGroup

keygroup = KeyGroup(
    name='activate_account', # Unique
    generator='sha1',        # See verification.generators

Create a Key on some event, for instance when a user clicks a button:

from verification.models import Key


Set Key.send_func to some callable:

from django.core.mail import send_mail

# In this minimal example, the contents of the email is created earlier
def email_key(recipient, content):
    subject = "Activate account on FooBlog"
    recipient = ''.join(recipient.strip().split())
    # Use any kind of messaging-system here
    send_mail(subject, content, '', [recipient])

key.send_func = email_key

Choose the claim-view, make the content of the email, send it with key.send_key():

from django.core.urlresolvers import reverse

activate_url = reverse('verification-claim-post-url',
        kwargs={'key': key, 'group':})
content = "Click on %s to activate your account on FooBlog!" % activate_url
recipient = ''

key.send_key(recipient, content)

Hook the key_claimed-signal in order to do something after the key is claimed:

from django.dispatch import receiver

from verification.signals import key_claimed

def user_created_key_claimed(sender, **kwargs):
    claimant = kwargs['claimant']
    claimant.is_active = True
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