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django-webp 0.0.2

django webp

Latest Version: 1.0.11


webp middleware for django

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## Installation

First of all, you must install the webp support. Please, check [the official guide](

Then, install `django-webp`

pip install django-webp

add it to `INSTALLED_APPS` configuration

INSTALLED_APPS = ('django_webp', ...)

## Usage

There are two possible ways: Adding the middleware or by templatetag.

### Middleware

Add the `django_webp.middleware.` class to `MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES` configuration.
It is important to let it as the *last* class in the list.


### Templatetag

It is necessary to set up the urls to use the templatetag.


urlpatterns = patterns(
url(r'^/webp', 'django_webp.views.webp', name="webp"),

Load the `webp` module in your template and use the `webp` templatetag to point
to the image you want to convert.

{% load webp %}

{# Use webp as you would use static templatetag #}
<img src="{% webp 'path/to/your/image.png' %}" alt="image"/>

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