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django-websocket-redis 0.2.0

Websocket support for Django using Redis as datastore

Latest Version: 0.4.0


Websockets for Django using Redis as message queue

This module implements websockets on top of Django without requiring any additional framework. For
messaging it uses the [Redis]( datastore and in a production environment, it is
intended to work under [uWSGI]( and behind [NGiNX](

You can find detailed documentation on [ReadTheDocs](

* Largely scalable for Django applications with hundreds of open websocket connections.
* Runs in a cooperative concurrency model using [gevent](, thus only one
  thread/process is simultaneously required to control **all** open websockets.
* Full control over the main loop during development, so **Django** can be started as usual with
  ``./ runserver``.
* No dependency to any other asynchronous event driven framework, such as Tornado, Twisted or
* Optionally persiting messages, allowing server reboots and client reconnections.
* The only additional requirement is a running instance of **Redis**, which by the way is a good
  replacement for memcached.

Build status
[![Build Status](](

Please use the issue tracker to ask questions.

Copyright (c) 2013 Jacob Rief
Licensed under the MIT license.

Release History
* 0.2.0 - Major API change
 * Use WS4REDIS_... in Django settings
 * Persist messages, allowing server reboots and reconnecting the client
 * Share the file descriptor for Redis for all open connections
 * Allow to override the subscribe/publish engine
* 0.1.2 - fixed: Can use publish to websocket without subscribing
* 0.1.1 - instead of CLI monkey patching, explicitly patch the redis.connection.socket using gevent.socket
* 0.1.0 - initial revision

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