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django-whippedcream 0.2.0

Utilities that make tastypie taste better.

Latest Version: 0.2.2

The perfect counterpart to django-tastypie.

django-whippedcream provides a few mixins and utilities that I’ve used to make my life with tastypie easier.

Tested using django-tastypie 0.11, Django 1.6.5, with Python 2.7 and 3.3.


django-tastypie, of course. Also pytz if you want to use the DateTimeSerializer.


  1. Install: pip install django-whippedcream
  2. Add whippedcream to your INSTALLED_APPS.


Want to browse your API through the browser? Try doing that but not adding format=json, you get an error that format=html isn’t implement.

Now it is – very simply. But it allows you to view a GET request from the browser. What’s best, if you have django-debug-toolbar installed (and why wouldn’t you) you can see the DB queries used to create this request.

from whippedcream.serializer import Serializer

class MyResource(Resource):
class Meta:
serializer = Serializer()

In addition, the serializer allows you to serialize aware datetimes, something which the default serialized can’t (at the time of this writing).

If you don’t like the default HTML, you can override this by providing your own api_debug.html template. The JSON text is provided in a context variable called content.


This is a simple addition to the DateTimeField that removes milliseconds from the field. This is useful if you don’t want to provide that level of accuracy, but also if your database engine doesn’t store that level of accuracy (MySQL).

from whippedcream.fields import DateTimeField

class MyResource(Resource):
    dt = DateTimeField('dt', normalize=True)


This mixin class can be added to any resource where you may want to access a serialized (JSON) version in any of your regular python code. It basically implements this pattern:

from whippedcream.mixins import PyAccessMixin

class MyResource(MyAccessMixin, Resource):

# elsewhere...
result = MyResource().get_json(request, obj)
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