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django-wysiwyg-redactor is a lightweight responsive wysiwyg editor for Django

Latest Version: 0.5.1

A lightweight wysiwyg editor for Django

Some changes:

- redactorjs 7.6.3 (changes the [license](#license) too)
- new API methods
- `$('#redactor').getSelection()` get the selected content in editor
- `$('#redactor').getSettings()` you can get and set settings anytime you want
- removing some ajax calls, (modal windows), to avoid the crossdomain issue on production env
- with the *extra_script* option/setting you can load some script to do something more after load the redactor
- now the redactor toolbar is more responsive
- fixing some bugs, adapting things...


.. image::

What's that

*django-wysiwyg-redactor* is a reusable application for Django, using `Redactor WYSIWYG editor <http:""/>`_


- `Django >= 1.3` # for static files
- `PIL` # for image upload

Getting started

- Install *django-wysiwyg-redactor*:

```pip install django-wysiwyg-redactor```

- Add `'redactor'` to INSTALLED_APPS.

- Add `url(r'^redactor/', include('redactor.urls'))`, to

- Add default config in (fot more settings, see `here <https:"" douglasmiranda="" django-wysiwyg-redactor="" wiki="" settings="">`_)

REDACTOR_OPTIONS = {'lang': 'en'}
REDACTOR_UPLOAD = 'uploads/'

Using in model
from django.db import models
from redactor.fields import RedactorField

class Entry(models.Model):
title = models.CharField(max_length=250, verbose_name=u'Title')
short_text = RedactorField(verbose_name=u'Text')

or use custom parametrs:
short_text = RedactorField(
redactor_options={'lang': 'en', 'focus': 'true'},

Using for only admin interface
from django import forms
from redactor.widgets import RedactorEditor
from blog.models import Entry

class EntryAdminForm(forms.ModelForm):
class Meta:
model = Entry
widgets = {
'short_text': RedactorEditor(),

class EntryAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
form = EntryAdminForm

`RedactorEditor` takes the same parameters as `RedactorField`


1. Fork it!
2. Create your feature branch: `git checkout -b my-new-feature`
3. Commit your changes: `git commit -am 'Add some feature'`
4. Push to the branch: `git push origin my-new-feature`
5. Submit a pull request =]

- Feb 14, 2014

- Improvement: Rename uploaded image by dint of uuid ( pull #33 )

- Feb 13, 2014

- Fix: Solve Deprecation of 'simplejson' ( pull #25 )

- previous versions

- Lots of fixes, see the commits.

Who is behind this?
Awesome people, you should see the `AUTHORS <https:"" douglasmiranda="" django-wysiwyg-redactor="" blob="" master="" authors="">`_ file.

Starting with version 7.6.3 redactor-js is licensed under `Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license <http:"" licenses="" by-nc="" 3.0=""/>`_

If you want to use a newer version please buy license `here <http:"" redactor="" download="">`_  
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