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django-x_file_accel_redirects 0.0.2

Django app to easy configuration of multiple X-File-Accel locations

This app allowes you to protect static files served by nginx with authorization of your django project

Protecting files

This example will show how to protect 2 file positions from downloading:

  • {static_url}/files/fbi
  • {static_url}/files/cia

In this example we will assume that static url is /static/

Steps to protect files:

  1. in nginx config disable access to desired locations:

    location /static/files/fbi {
        deny all;
    location /static/files/cia {
        deny all;
  2. Add internal path to serve this files. We will add “root” directory to serve both locations with one configuration option:

    # needed for x-file-accell
    location /internal/files/ {
        alias $project_base/static/files/;
  3. Configure x_file_accel_redirects app:

    1. Set settings.X_FILE_ACCEL = True.

    2. add "x_file_accel_redirects" to settings.INSTALLED_APPS.

    3. Add app to your root url config, e.g.:

      urlpatterns += patterns('',
          (r'^protected/', include('x_file_accel_redirects.urls')),
    4. In django admin create new instance of x_file_accel_redirects.AccelRedirect with next values:

      • Description: anything meaningful.
      • URL prefix: any latin letters without slashes, e.g. “downloads”.
      • Login required: True.
      • Internal path: “/internal/files/”” (as specified in nginx config).
      • serve document root: optionaly you can specify path to directory with needed files to serve them with django staticfiles app when settings.X_FILE_ACCEL == False.

When everything is configured and restarted you will be able to get file $project_base/static/files/fbi/secrets/ufo.txt by next url:

/protected/downloads/fbi/secrets/ufo.txt (/downloads/ if from “prefix” field of AccelRedirect)

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