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django-yacbv 0.0.1

Replacement for Django's ClassBasedView.

Django Yet Another Class Based View

django-yacbv (YetAnotherClassBasedView) is replacement of django’s CBV (django.views.generic.View).

  • Django’s View can only dispatch corresponds to request.method. but in many cases, it should consider more things, such as request parameter.
  • Django’s ClassBasedGenericView is inflexible, hard to remember it’s API and hard to understand succession inheritances.
  • Django’s View can’t remove decorators, this is necessary for testing. it forces us to test views with decorators, always it obstructs to pure unit testing.

As these solution, django-yacbv is released.

YACBV is simple

django-yacbv provide simple class based view, allowing user to create more flexible dispatching, like this:

from yacbv import View, view_config

class TopView(View):
    def flipped(self, request):
        return {'word': request.GET['flip']}

    def get(self, request):
        return {'word': 'world'}

Notice about them:

  • The flip method will be dispatched only case that Request object contains flip parameter.
  • The template for each views can be specified as template_name argument of view_config.
  • These returned dictionary will be used as context for Template.

Now, django-yacbv is just pre-alpha library, not for production. If you like this package, check out it from Github!

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django-yacbv-0.0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-11-06 3KB