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django-zurb-foundation 5.0.3

Django Zurb Foundation package.

Latest Version: 5.5.0

django-zurb-foundation 5.0.3

Django Zurb Foundation 5 package.

Version of this package is equal to the version of Zurb Foundation it provides.


- Add `foundation` to your `INSTALLED_APPS`.
- If you want to use the provided base template, extend from `foundation/base.html`. If you want to write one from scratch, see the example template.
- If you want to test if foundation works, include `foundation.urls` in your and visit the path. You should see the Foundation test page.

Including Foundation js/css/vendor files

To include specific Foundation js files, you can use `foundation_js` tag.

For example, to include `abide` library use:

{% foundation_js 'abide' %}

Depending on your static url, it will replace the previous tag with something like `<script src="/static/foundation/js/foundation/foundation.abide.js"></script>`.
Same works for Foundation css and vendor files, but in that case use the `foundation_css` or `foundation_vendor` tag the same way.

Note that if you call `foundation_js` without any parameters, it will include `foundation.min.js` file.

Foundation icons

The latest Foundation icons set is now included in this package.
The icons are not enabled by default. To enable them use something like this in your template:

{% block css %}
{% foundation_css 'foundation-icons' %}
{% endblock css %}

If you have added `foundation.urls` to your visit `icons/` on that path to see them.


Version 5.0.3

- Moved `js/modernizr` to `js/vendor/modernizr` and removed `js/vendor/custom.modernizr`
- Moved `js/jquery` to `js/vendor/jquery`

Version 5.0.2

- Renamed `foundation_body` to `base_body`
- Removed zepto and renamed `foundation_jquery_zepto` block to `foundation_jquery`
- Included foundation icons
- Renamed `foundation_include` to `foundation_js`
- Added `foundation_vendor` and `foundation_css` tags
- Used the tags from this package in the base template
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