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django_admin_thumbnail 1.0

Thumbnails for ImageFields in django admin.

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This is a package developed to help you with `ImageField` visualization in your `ModelAdmin`. It automatically creates user friendly thumbnail for any `ImageField` you choose to put in your `list_display`.

All you have to do is to switch from *ModelAdmin* to *ThumbAdmin* subclass. It's super easy to use:

The Looks
This is how it looks when you hover your cursor over an `ImageField` column:

![The Looks](


Insert **admin_thumbnail** to the end of your `INSTALLED_APPS` in ``:

``` python

Now, your `ModelAdmin` must look like this::

``` python
from models import ModelExample
from admin_thumbnail import thumb_admin
from django.contrib import admin

class ModelExampleAdmin(thumb_admin.ThumbAdmin):
list_display = ('an_image_field',)

admin.register(ModelExample, ModelExampleAdmin)

After that you must create your DB table that manages the cached thumbnails:

python syncdb

If you're using `south` you'll need to initialise **sorl.thumbnail's** migrations:

python schemamigration sorl.thumbnail --initial
python migrate sorl.thumbnail --database=$DATABASE_NAME

If your `$DATABASE_NAME` is not _default_, and you're using a (DB router)[], you should add a key named `thumbnail` to your database mapping dictionary!

Yes! It's THAT simple!

# Installation

Please, first read the [sorl.thumbnail installation]( to install it's requirements.

Install using pip:

pip install django-admin-thumbnail

Or you can clone the project and install it via:

python install

## Requirements

* [Django 1.4+](
* [sorl.thumbnail 11.12+](
* [PIL 1.1.6+](

# Localization

django-admin-thumbnail is localizable, but currently, the only officially supported languages are pt_BR, en_US and es. But feel free to localize it the way you want and then, send me the .po file for it to be official.

# Contact

If you have any comments, ideas questions, feedback, etcetera, email me and we'll be in touch. I'm <>  
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