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django_pynuodb 0.9

NuoDB Extension for Django

Latest Version: 2.0.4

# NuoDB - Django

[![Build Status](](

This is the official Django adapter for [NuoDB]( It leverages the [NuoDB Python Driver](

### Requirements

If you haven't already, [Download and Install NuoDB](

In the file in your project, set the `USE_TZ` flag to False. This is done because the timezone is detected when the connection is created.

Set the `ENGINE` field in the `DATABASES/default` dictionary in to the django_pynuodb folder (if you installed using pip this is just `django_pynuodb`)

You can optionally set the schema by adding a `SCHEMA` field in the `DATABASES/default` dictionary in, if the schema is not specified it will default to `USER`

### Setup

git clone and install it

git clone
cd nuodb-django
python install

or install with pip

sudo pip install django_pynuodb

### Sample

Here is a sample database dictionary

'default': {
'ENGINE': 'django_pynuodb',
'NAME': 'test',
'DOMAIN_USER': 'domain', # domain credentials
'DBA_USER': 'dba', # database credentials
'DBA_PASSWORD': 'goalie',
'SCHEMA': '', # optional
'HOST': 'localhost',
'PORT': '48004',

Set the `USE_TZ` flag to `False`

USE_TZ = False

### License

[NuoDB License](  
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