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djangocms-cascade 0.5.0

Collection of plugins for DjangoCMS >3.0 to add various HTML elements from CSS frameworks to any CMS placeholder

DjangoCMS-Cascade is the Swiss army knife for working with Django CMS plugins.

Add DOM elements to a Django-CMS placeholder

DjangoCMS-Cascade is a collection of plugins for DjangoCMS >= 3.0.8 to add various HTML elements from CSS frameworks, such as Twitter Bootstrap or the 960 Grid System (discontinued) to any CMS placeholder. Currently Bootstrap-3.x and (discontinued) are supported, but this module makes it very easy to add your preferred CSS frameworks. It is also very easy to extend an existing collection with additional elements.

DjangoCMS-Cascade allows web editors to layout their pages, without having to edit Django templates. In most cases, one template with one single placeholder is enough. The editor then can subdivide that placeholder into rows and columns, and add additional elements such as buttons, rulers, or even the Bootstrap Carousel.

News for next major release 0.5.0

  • Tested with django-cms 3.0.13 and Django-1.6.
  • Added SegmentationPlugin. This allows to conditionally render parts of the DOM, depending on the status of various request object members, such as user.
  • Setting CASCADE_LEAF_PLUGINS has been replaced by CASCADE_ALIEN_PLUGINS. This simplifies the programming of third party plugins, since the author of a plugin now only must set the member alien_child_classes = True.

Help needed

If you like this project, please invest some time and test it with Django-1.7/1.8, django-cms-3.1 and if possible Python-3.4.

With migrations added to Django-1.7, testing and developing plugins for django-cms get really messy. I currently have no resources to do all this cross-development.

Travis-CI worked for djangocms-cascade, Django-1.7 and django-cms-3.0.12, but since the last upgrade this is not the case anymore. If someone can find out why, it would be really great.


  • Use the scaffolding technique from the preferred CSS framework to subdivide a placeholder into a grid system.
  • Make full usage of responsive techniques, by allowing stacked to horizontal classes per element.
  • Use styled buttons to add links.
  • Wrap special content into a Jumbotron or a Carousel
  • Add <img> and <picture> elements in a responsive way, so that more than one image URL point onto the resized sources, one for each viewport using the srcset tags or the <source> elements.
  • Use segmentation the render parts of the DOM conditionally.
  • It is very easy to integrate additional elements from the preferred CSS framework. For instance, implementing the Bootstrap Carousel, required 50 lines of Python code and two simple Django templates.
  • Since all the data is stored in JSON, no database migration is required if a field is added, modified or removed from the plugin.
  • Currently Bootstrap-3.x is supported, but other CSS frameworks can be easily added in a pluggable manner.

In addition to easily implement any kind of plugin, DjangoCMS-Cascade makes it possible to add reusable helpers. Such a helper enriches a plugin with an additional, configurable functionality:

  • By making some of the plugin fields sharable, one can reuse these values for other plugins of the same kind. This for instance is handy for the image and picture plugin, so that images always are resized to predefined values.
  • By allowing extra fields, one can add an optional id tag, CSS classes and inline styles. This is configurable on a plugin and site base.

Detailed documentation

Find detailed documentation on ReadTheDocs.

Build status


This project started as a simple wrapper for the DjangoCMS TextPlugin, so that text elements could be shifted horizontally using the Grid System 960.

DjangoCMS starting with version 3.0, allows to nest plugins inside other plugins. This feature made it possible to implement this kind of plugin.

In DjangoCMS-Cascade since version 0.4, the code base has been hugely refactored. If you where using version 0.3.2 upgrade carefully, since the API changed. Please contact me directly in case you need help to migrate your projects.


Released under the terms of MIT License.

Copyright © 2015, Jacob Rief

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