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djangocms-cascade 0.3.1

Collection of plugins for DjangoCMS >3.0 to add various HTML elements from CSS frameworks to any CMS placeholder

Latest Version: 0.15.4

DjangoCMS-Cascade is the successor of DjangoCMS-Bootstrap which is still available under this repository branch.

Add DOM elements to a Django-CMS placeholder

DjangoCMS-Cascade is a collection of plugins for DjangoCMS >3.0 to add various HTML elements from CSS frameworks, such as Twitter Bootstrap or the 960 Grid System to any CMS placeholder. Currently Bootstrap-3.x and are supported, but this module makes it very easy to add your preferred CSS frameworks. It is also very easy to extend an existing collection with additional elements.

DjangoCMS-Cascade allows web editors to layout their pages, without having to edit Django templates. In most cases, one template with one single placeholder is enough. The editor then can subdivide that placeholder into rows and columns, and add additional elements such as buttons, rulers, or even the Bootstrap Carousel.


  • Use the scaffolding technique from the preferred CSS framework to subdivide a placeholder into a grid system.
  • Make full usage of responsive techniques, by allowing stacked to horizontal classes per element.
  • Use styled buttons to add links.
  • Wrap special content into a Jumbotron or a Carousel
  • Add thumbnails and images in a responsive way.
  • It is very easy to integrate additional elements from the preferred CSS framework, sometimes with less than 20 lines of code.
  • Currenty Bootstrap-3.x and are supported, but other CSS frameworks can be easily added in a pluggable manner.

For instance, implementing the Bootstrap Carousel, required 50 lines of Python code and a simple Django template.

Detailed documentation

Find detailed documentation on ReadTheDocs.

Build status


This project started as a simple wrapper for the DjangoCMS TextPlugin, so that text elements could be shifted horizontally using the Grid System 960.

DjangoCMS starting with version 3.0, allows to nest plugins inside other plugins. This feature made it possible to implement a similar collection of plugins, named DjangoCMS-Bootstrap and restricted to Twitter Bootstrap version 2.3.2.

In DjangoCMS-Cascade, this limitation also has been dropped, enabeling it to be used for every kind of CSS framework - thus it has been renamed again. Additionally, the database model has been reduced into one single field, which now stores all kind of arbitrary data and to be extensible in a very flexible way.


Released under the terms of MIT License.

Copyright (C) 2014, Jacob Rief

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