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djangofloor 1.1.8

Add configuration management and websockets to Django.


Djangofloor helps you to quickly create Django applications that are also easy to deploy. To reach these goals, Djangofloor provides:

* an extension to the base Django's setting, allowing to split your configuration into several files (default values provided by Djangofloor, constants values for your project, deployement parameters, local values for development),
* an unified signal dispatcher, using bi-directionnal websockets through Celery and Redis. You can call Python and Javascript signals from the Python or the Javascript side,
* auto-configuration for a few widespread Django apps (Django-Debug-Toolbar, Django-Redis-Sessions, Django-Pipeline) if they are present,
* a base template using the well-known Bootstrap3 (but of course you can use any other templates),
* valid default Django settings (like logs),
* create new Django projects that are working and deployable out-of-the-box (even if you finally replace all default templates and views).

Creating a new project

Creating a working new project only requires a couple lines:

pip install djangofloor
Your new project name [MyProject] NewProject
Python package name [newproject]
Initial version [0.1]
Root project path [.] /tmp/newproject
cd /tmp/newproject
python install
newproject-ctl migrate
newproject-ctl runserver
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
djangofloor-1.1.8.tar.gz (md5) Source 2018-01-21 2MB