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djhcup_core 0.20140415

A django-based interface for warehousing HCUP data

Latest Version: 0.20150403

HCUP Hachoir: Core module

Part of the Django-HCUP Hachoir set of Python packages. Provides core functionality, including automated detection and configuration of other installed djhcup components.

Quick start

0. HCUP Hachoir uses Celery ( as a tasking layer by default. Be sure you have properly configured your Django installation to use Celery, including a message broker and result backend. Typically this invovles creating a file as described in and adding configuration items to your file.

For example, with a local rabbitmq-server back-end, add these lines::

BROKER_URL = 'amqp://'

1. Add "djhcup_core" to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this::


2. Modify your to include the following pattern entry::

url(r'', include('djhcup_core.urls'))

If you want all djhcup addresses to appear as a subdirectory instead, such as change r'' to r'your_prefix'::

url(r'your_prefix', include('djhcup_core.urls'))

3. Modify your to include a separate database dictionary entry for djhcup named 'djhcup'. For example::

'djhcup': {
'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.postgresql_psycopg2',
'NAME': 'your_db_name',
'USER': 'your_db_user',
'PASSWORD': 'your_db_password',
'HOST': 'your_db_host',
'PORT': '5432',

Note that while this could use the same database and credentials as your default entry, we recommend you set it up in a separate database for easier management.

4. Tell djhcup where to look for your HCUP data by adding these lines to your

import os, pyhcup
# Look in here for data and loadfiles
'/path/to/your/hcup/data/', # update this to point at your raw data
os.path.dirname(pyhcup.__file__), # loadfiles included with PyHCUP

5. Run `python syncdb` to create the djhcup_staging models. Or, if using South, migrate forward to build database objects for this package's models.

6. Start your server per normal (for test servers, use `python runserver`).  
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