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djhcup_staging 0.20140415

Staging module for the Django-HCUP Hachoir (djhcup)

Latest Version: 0.20150403

HCUP Hachoir: Staging module

Part of the Django-HCUP Hachoir set of Python packages. Provides functionality roughly corresponding to the "staging" phase of a data warehouse, but focused exclusively on handling data from the United States Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP). More information about HCUP is available online at

Quick start

0. Make sure you have djhcup-core properly installed. djhcup_staging depends on functionality provided through djhcup-core, and will not be accessible through the web server without it.

1. Add "djhcup_staging" to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this::


2. N.B., you do not need to separately modify your Django for djhcup_staging to work. Once djhcup-core is installed, it will automatically handle urls for djhcup_staging and its sister modules.

3. Run `python syncdb` to create the djhcup_staging models. Or, if using South, migrate forward to build database objects for this package's models.

4. Start your server per normal (for test servers, use `python runserver`).  
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