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djinn_contenttypes 1.1.0

Djinn Intranet Contenttypes framework

Latest Version: 1.4.10


This module provides the content type framework for Djinn. Content
types are the 'things' that a user of the system can create, delete,
edit and view.


Djinn uses generic views for content types. Views behave differently
according to how they are called: when called Ajax style or when
modal=1 is passed as parameter, the template rendered will be 'modal',
otherwise a complete HTML page will be rendered. Successfull add and
edit views will return a 'record' like snippet, assuming that they
were called to return an inline template view of the object.

The following views normally apply:

- Creation:
Creation can either use a temporary object, in case the add screen already
provides some means of relating things to the new object, or simply use the
standard add view, that doesn't create anything untill a commit.
The default templates for creation are:
<app label="">/<content type="" name="">_add.html
<app label="">/<content type="" name="">_add_modal.html

- Update: either update or JSON update
<app label="">/<content type="" name="">_edit.html
<app label="">/<content type="" name="">_edit_modal.html

- Delete: delete or JSON delete

- View: base view or modal view
<content type="" module="">/<content type="" name="">_modal_detail.html
<content type="" module="">/<content type="" name="">_detail.html

* Well, basically too much to mention...

* Added name override option to url generate, to enable dynamic models

* Added check on group permission, if content is placed in a group

Initial version  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
djinn_contenttypes-1.1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-03-04 20KB