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djorm-ext-core 0.4.1

Core module of django orm extensions package. Is a collection of third party plugins build in one unified package.

Latest Version: 0.7

This module contaisn all basic and generic improvements needed by all submodules.

PostgreSQL server side cursors

For most cases, the normal cursor and django psycopg2 are more than enough. But there are cases where we have to do queries to tables with large amounts of data, and we need an efficient way to query this data.

On first step, put djorm_core.postgresql in your INSTALLED_APPS.

This is a simple example of usage:

from djorm_core.postgresql import server_side_cursors

with server_side_cursors():
    for item in Model.objects.all():
        print item.value
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djorm-ext-core-0.4.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-10-22 2KB