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djpcms 0.9a1

A dynamic content management system using jQuery and Python

Package Documentation

Djpcms is a dynamic Content Management System which uses Python on the server side and Javascript with jQuery on the browser side. It is designed to handle dynamic applications requiring high level of customization. Lots of AJAX enabled features including inline editing, autocomplete, ajax forms, dynamic tables and more. It works with Python 2.6 and up including python 3 series. Djpcms does not use any template specific language, it uses Python alone to render on the server side.

Keywords:web, cms, dynamic, ajax, python, jquery



  • Dynamic pages based on database models or not.
  • Applications based on database model or not.
  • Extendible using plugins.
  • Inline editing of plugins and pages.
  • Move plugins in page using drag-and-drop functionalities.
  • Font icons from Fontawesome.
  • Autocomplete functionality.
  • DataTables integration.
  • Extendible AJAX decorators.
  • Several battery included application classes.
  • Extendible form layouts.
  • Sitemap design.


You can download the latest archive from pypi, uncompress and:

python install

Otherwise you can use pip:

pip install djpcms

Version Check

To check the version:

>>> import djpcms
>>> djpcms.__version__
>>> djpcms.get_version()

Running tests

On the top level directory type:


For options in running tests type:

python --help

Tests can also be run for specific tags, For a list of tags type:

python --list

To access coverage of tests you need to install the coverage package and run the tests using:

coverage run

and to check out the coverage report:

coverage report -m


The core library requires pulsar.


Djpcms includes several open-source libraries and plugins developed by other authors and communities:

  • jQuery core and UI are the building block.
  • jQuery form plugin for AJAX forms.
  • jQuery DataTables plugin for managing dynamic tables.
  • Fontawesome for font icons.
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djpcms-0.9a1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-09-07 988KB
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