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dlipower 0.7.165

Control digital loggers web power switch


This is a python module and a script to mange the Digital Loggers Web Power switch.

The module provides a python class named PowerSwitch that allows managing the web power switch from python programs.

When run as a script this acts as a command line utility to manage the DLI Power switch.


This module has been tested against the following Digital Loggers Power network power switches:

  • WebPowerSwitch II
  • WebPowerSwitch III
  • WebPowerSwitch IV
  • WebPowerSwitch V
  • Ethernet Power Controller III


from __future__ import print_function
import dlipower

print('Connecting to a DLI PowerSwitch at')
switch = dlipower.PowerSwitch(hostname="", userid="admin")

print('Turning off the first outlet')

print('The powerstate of the first outlet is currently', switch[0].state)

print('Renaming the first outlet as "Traffic light"')
switch[0].name = 'Traffic light'

print('The current status of the powerswitch is:')

Connecting to a DLI PowerSwitch at
Turning off the first outlet
The powerstate of the first outlet is currently OFF
Renaming the first outlet as "Traffic light"
The current status of the powerswitch is:
DLIPowerSwitch at
Outlet      Hostname        State
1   Traffic light   OFF
2   killer robot    ON
3   Buiten verlicti ON
4   Meeting Room Li OFF
5   Brocade LVM123  ON
6   Shoretel ABC123 ON
7   Shortel 24V - T ON
8   Shortel 24V - T ON
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
dlipower-0.7.165.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-07-08 15KB