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dm.zopepatches.ztest 1.1.3

Script to run tests for Zope application components (without buildout).

This package defines the (console) script ztest, a small wrapper around the Zope (3) testrunner to run tests of Zope (2) application components (often so called Zope (2) products).

Until Zope 2.11, its functionality was available as bin/zopectl test. For Zope 2.12, Zope developers switched to buildout for Zope development itself and (to save some work) dropped support for bin/zopectl test. Thus, developers of Zope application components (like me) were forced either to switch to buildout, to renounce testing or to build something like ztest.

My experience with buildout has not been good: compared with a more traditional (and more manual) virtualenv, buildout gave me much more surprises (surprising upgrades), much more waiting time due to unnecessary rebuildings and was far less reliable (due to problems of internet servers scanned for sources). Therefore, I do not want to switch to buildout. Of course, I do not want to renounce testing. Thus, I stiched the Zope 2.11 code together to build ztest.

ztest can also be used together with buildout. A buildout part definition for ztest could look like:

recipe = zc.recipe.egg:scripts
eggs =
extra-paths =

It creates a script bin/ztest that can test packages either in Zope or in the available eggs.

Basic usage

ztest -h
list the available options
ztest [–config-file config_file] -s package
run tests for package. If given, use config_file as the Zope configuration file
ztest [–config-file config_file] –package-path file_path_to_package package -s package
occationally, the testrunner is too stupid to find the tests in a package. Then it is necessary to specify its file path with the --package-path option.


Bugfix: a module filter was usually not effective
support for Zope 2.10
try to determine ‘package-path’ automatically by a trial import. May not always work.
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
dm.zopepatches.ztest-1.1.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-06-15 4KB