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dnsimple-dyndns 0.1

Dynamic DNS implementation, that relies on


Dynamic DNS implementation, that relies on

This is a simple script that updates (and creates, if needed) an ``A`` domain record for any
```` managed domain. It is designed to be run as a hook script right after the
WAN connection.


usage: dnsimple-dyndns [-h] [-v] [-t TTL] [-i IP]

Dynamic DNS implementation, that relies on

positional arguments:
DOMAIN domain controlled by
DOMAIN-TOKEN domain API key.
RECORD-NAME name of the record to be updated.

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-v, --version show program's version number and exit
-t TTL, --ttl TTL DNS record TTL, defaults to 60
-i IP, --ip IP IP address, defaults to current external address from

Running on Gentoo with OpenRC

To run this script on Gentoo with OpenRC, you should emerge the ``dnsimple-dyndns`` package:

# emerge -av dnsimple-dyndns

Then add the following function to your ``/etc/conf.d/net`` file (or edit your postup function,
if already exists):

postup() {
if [[ "${IFACE}" = "enp3s0" ]]; then
einfo "Updated DNS record: $(dnsimple-dyndns your-domain-token home)"
einfo "Ignoring interface: ${IFACE}"

Replace ``enp3s0`` with your WAN interface, ```` with your managed domain,
``your-domain-token`` with your domain token
(see and ``home`` with your
desired DNS record name.  
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