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docker-registry-driver-swift 0.2.0

Docker registry swift driver

Latest Version: 0.2.1

# Docker registry swift driver

This is a [docker-registry backend driver][registry-core] for [Openstack Swift](

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## Usage

Assuming you have a working docker-registry and swift setup:

` pip install docker-registry-driver-swift `

Then edit your docker-registry configuration so that storage reads swift.

## Options

You may add any of the following to your main docker-registry configuration to further configure it:

`yaml storage: swift storage_path: /registry swift_authurl: _env:OS_AUTH_URL swift_container: _env:OS_CONTAINER swift_user: _env:OS_USERNAME swift_password: _env:OS_PASSWORD swift_tenant_name: _env:OS_TENANT_NAME swift_region_name: _env:OS_REGION_NAME `

## Contributing

Install package dependencies:

` $ pip install -r requirements.txt $ pip install -r test/requirements.txt `

In order to verify what you did is ok, just run make test. This will run the tests provided by [docker-registry-core][registry-core].

Please also follow the contributing guidelines in [](

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