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docker-sync 1.0.3

Configuration management for Docker containers

Latest Version: 1.2.3

# docker-sync

Helper utility for configuration management tools like Chef and Puppet.

Given a directory of config files (see the example directory), docker-sync will ensure that the running containers are kept in sync with the config files, and will remove containers that no longer have a related config file.

It’s a little bit opinionated: container links aren’t supported (tho they could be in the future); all containers are detached. The image a container is instantiated from is compared to its tag in its appropriate registry, and the pull is only done if the registry tag is different than the local tag (a docker pull is slow even when there are no changes).

In the future I may support [dogestry][dogestry] as an alternative (or companion to) a traditional Docker registry.

## installation

pip install docker-sync

Or from a clone:

pip install .

## example usage

docker-sync ./example


./docker_sync/ ./example

## options

You can add –no-pull to skip pulling images; very useful when you’re iterating on your configs.


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