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doge 3.5.0

wow very terminal doge

![wow screenshot](

doge is a simple motd script based on the slightly stupid but very funny [doge meme][doge]. It prints random grammatically incorrect statements that are sometimes based on things from your computer.

For more information about getting a setup like the one in the screenshot, see [this dotfiles repo][shameless].

## Features

  • Randomly placed and colored random strings, complete with broken english.
  • Awesome Shibe in the terminal.
  • Fetching of system data, such as hostname, running processes, current user and $EDITOR.
  • If you have [lolcat][lolcat], you can do this gem: while true; do doge | lolcat -a -d 100 -s 100 -p 1; done (thx [hom3chuk][hom3chuk])
  • stdin support: ls /usr/bin | doge will doge-print some of the executables found in /usr/bin. wow. Also, the -s flag will filter out common words if you are passing a body of text.

## Installation

pip install doge

If you don’t want to do that for whatever reason, there is a proper included, so python install should be just fine for that.

Note that if you are one of the unlucky doges to still run a Python that does not have argparse (<=Python2.6) you will have to install argparse manually from pypi. so old, very update need.

Then, just add a call to doge at the bottom of your shell rc file.

## Notes

You need a terminal that supports 256 colors running on a system that supports unicode.

The terminal Shibe was created with hax0r Gimp skills and [img2xterm][i2x].

[doge]: [i2x]: [hom3chuk]: [lolcat]: [shameless]:

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