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donno 0.1.0

A personal CLI note-taking app

Latest Version: 0.1.15

Donno is a note utility aimed at replacing Evernote for console fans.

# Features

  • Work in Linux console;
  • Taged notes;
  • Powerful search functionality;
  • Sync with Cloud;
  • Import from Evernote;
  • Auto-publis to blog;

# Introduction

Evernote is a wonderful application. However, it’s GUI-based, which is not a problem on Windows, but makes Linux console fans pain. As a proprietary software, it’s not open enough to add new features, for example, add a console wrapper on it. So after half-a-year running Evernote Windows in wine on my Linux laptop, I wrote this “Donno” which has similiar features of Evernote, but is completely console thing. Now I imported all my notes to this app, and have a happy life …

## Search Function

  • Simple and complex modes;
  • Case-insensitive;

## Note Syntax

  • Markdown

# Installation

  1. Copy all note files to ~/.repo if you already have any notes;
  1. pip install donno;
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
donno-0.1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-01-17 5KB