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dose 1.0.1

An automated semaphore GUI showing the state in test driven development (TDD), mainly written for dojos.

Latest Version: 1.2.0

Directory and watching

Dose watches one directory for any kind of change new file, file modified, file removed, subdirectory renamed, etc., including its subdirectories, by using the Python watchdog package. For example, changes on files ending on ‘.pyc’ and ‘.pyo’ are neglect by default, as well as git internals, but these skip patterns are customizable.

What happens when something changes?

A customized subprocess is called, all its output/error data is left on the shell used to call Dose, and its return value is stored. If the value is zero, the semaphore turns green, else it it turns red. It stays yellow while waiting the subprocess to finish.

Is it easy to use or should I spend hours to set it up?

The default directory path to watch is the one used to call Dose. There’s no default calling string, but ‘nosetests’ and ‘py.test’ would be hints for Python developers. It should work even with other languages TDD tools. To be fast, just open Dose and double click on it, there’s no need to lose time with settings.

And the GUI?

The GUI toolkit used in this project is wxPython. You can move the semaphore by dragging it around. Doing so with Ctrl pressed would resize it. With Shift you change its transparency (not available on Linux, for now). The semaphore window always stays on top. A right click would show all options available.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
dose-1.0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-01-17 21KB