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drf_requests_jwt 0.6

Django Rest Framework Requests with JWT support

This is a simple helper used to communicate between Django instances.

It is suited to work well with Django Rest Framework API points and serializers.


  • Authenticate with JWT if not already
  • Cache JWT with different backends (for now Django Cache and File System)
  • Request all pages, before delivering the result
  • Deserialize the result with standard DRF serializer classes

Install it

pip install drf_requests_jwt

How to use it

Assuming there is a devices paginated API point on another Django instance and you need all devices fetched.

Then you’ll inherit from HttpRequestService and implement the abstract methods something along these lines:

from apps.devices.models import Device  # Your Device Django model.
from rest_framework import serializers

from import HttpRequestService

class DeviceSerializer(serializers.Serializer):
    eui = serializers.CharField()

    def create(self, validated_data):
        return Device(**validated_data)

class DeviceHttpRequestService(HttpRequestService):
    obtain_jwt_allowed_fail_attempts = 3
    cache_backend_class = 'drf_requests_jwt.backends.django_cache.DjangoCacheBackend'

    def _get_base_url(self):
        return ''

    def _get_jwt_login_url_path(self):
        return 'api/v1/auth/jwt/login/'

    def _get_url_path(self):
        return 'api/v1/devices/'

    def _get_username(self):
        return 'john'

    def _get_password(self):
        return 'snow'

    def _get_params(self):
        return {
            'param1': 'val1',
            'param2': 'val2',

    def get_deserialized_data(self):
        device_list = []

        for device in self.get_results_from_all_pages():
            serializer = DeviceSerializer(data=device)
            if serializer.is_valid():

        return device_list

Now in your business logic where you need the list of devices you’ll call it like this:

devices = DeviceHttpRequestService().get_deserialized_data()


There is a mixin helping with deserialization.

from drf_requests_jwt.deserializers import ObjectListDeserializerMixin
from apps.devices.serializers import DeviceSerializer  # Your device serializer.

class DeviceDeserializerMixin(ObjectListDeserializerMixin):
    serializer_class = DeviceSerializer

class DeviceHttpRequestService(DeviceDeserializerMixin, HttpRequestService):
    # ... Other abstract methods implemented

    def get_deserialized_data(self):
        return self.get_deserialized_object_list()


This is quite a specific helper that works well for our use case, but I think it can be easily adjusted to fit other needs.

Please feel free to bring your pull requests. Thanks.

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