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dspam-milter 0.3

Milter implementation for DSPAM

Latest Version: 0.3.4.post0

dspam-milter README

DSPAM milter is an implementation of the milter interface available in
several MTAs for DSPAM_, a statistical spam and content filter for e-mail.
The milter talks to the DSPAM daemon over the regular DSPAM socket, using
the DLMTP protocol.

Development of dspam-milter is hosted on Github_. For questions, bugs and
patches, please open an issue_ there. You can also try to send an e-mail_.

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:alt: build status


Currently the package contains:

* dspam.client: A client that can talk to a DSPAM daemon over a socket.
* dspam.milter: A milter application to use DSPAM classification in an MTA.


* Python 2.7 (python)
* DSPAM running in daemon mode

To use the milter, you also need:

* pymilter_ (python-milter)


To install, simply run ``python install`` in the distibution root.

Milter usage

The Milter is a ready to use application. The command ``dspam-milter`` should
have been installed in your path. Behaviour of the daemon can be controlled
by editing ``/etc/dspam-milter.cfg``. In general dlmtp_* settings need to be
configured, and added to dspam.conf.

The correct configuration of the DSPAM daemon is also documented in


The dspam-milter code is available under the New (3-clause) BSD license.
See LICENSE for details.

.. _DSPAM:
.. _Github:
.. _issue:
.. _e-mail:
.. _pymilter:
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