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dummy 0.1.0

Dummy package adding, subtracting or multiplying two numbers - to try releasing a Python package

Python Documentation and Releasing Project


This project is an attempt at documenting Python code and prepare a ready-to-
release Python package, including proper tests and documentations. The ultimate
goal of this project is to release a Python package of John A. Marohn
( onto GitHub and PyPI.

:Authors: Hoang Long Nguyen

The dummy package

This package is literally a dummy package. All it does is adding or subtracting
two given numbers and give out a result.




+ At the root document, run ``python install``.
+ Test the module with ``python test``.
+ Calling module:
- ``import dummy``
- ``result1 = dummy.calc(n1,op,n2)``
- ``result2 = dummy.calc(n1,op,n2)``
with n1,n2 are numbers, op are operation in string '+','-','*','.' and 'x'
- ``result3 = dummy.circ(r)`` with r the radius of a circle.


jinja 2.7.2 for documentation.
Recommended numpy.

version 0.1.0

+ add a function caluclating a circle's area, using numpy requirements.
+ update requirements.txt and, README.txt
+ now require: numpy (for new function), setuptools (for setup), jinja2 and mock (for documentation on ReadTheDocs)

version 0.0.5

+ update README.txt with proper instruction

version 0.0.4

+ include file ``requirements.txt`` and ``changes.txt`` into the package

version 0.0.3

+ change ``add`` and ``sub`` into sub-module ```` and ````
+ modify the main ```` accordingly
+ modify the ```` accordingly
+ include the *docs* folder into the package

version 0.0.2

+ remove requirement ``numpy>=1.0.0``
+ include requirement ``jinja2>=2.0.0`` for documentation
+ include the ``changes.txt`` file  
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