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duxlot 0.9.15-1555

IRC bot and data suite, by the maker of phenny

Latest Version: 0.9.21-1653

Duxlot is a new IRC bot created in 2012 by Sean B. Palmer, the maker of the popular Phenny. Features include a fast multiprocess based architecture, modularity, and ease of use. Duxlot has no dependencies except Python3, and will even work without having to be installed as as package. Source on Github, @sbp/duxlot.

WARNING: This is an early, pre-release alpha version of Duxlot. The API and features may change wildly, and the bot may not be stable.


You may use either of these methods:

  • Download the latest source. Unpack it and enter duxlot-0.9.15-1555/

    Optionally install using:

    python3 install
  • Install using pip:

    pip install duxlot

Optionally use virtualenv for either of these methods.

You can now use the duxlot script—either the one in the package that you downloaded, or the one that should be on your $PATH from installation. Try duxlot --usage.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
duxlot-0.9.15-1555.tar.bz2 (md5) Source 2012-09-15 805KB