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dynochemy 0.1.4

Clever pythonic and async interface to Amazon DynamoDB

dynochemy: Clever pythonic and async interface to Amazon DynamoDB

Yet another python inteface for Amazon Dynamo. The API is somewhat inspired by SQLAlchemy.


- Synchronous and Async Support (using Tornado)
- Full API abstraction (rather than needing to know internals of how Dynamo actually needs it's JSON formatted.
- High-level constructs for dealing with provisioning throughput limits and maintaining secondary indexes.
- SQL-backend for testing

Under heavy development, just barely functioning. I would stay away except for
experimental use or you really want to get involved with development yourself.

Really just useful for seeing how the API would work if this library was completed

### Known TODOs

* Solvent: Needs scan support
* Views: Need the ability to regenerate views from scratch, or even partial rewrites to help with failure scenarios.
* Solvent: Need throttling support rather than always hammer until provisioning error.  
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dynochemy-0.1.4.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-02-07 24KB