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eaglepy 1.0.3

Read, modify, and create Cadsoft EAGLE files

A Python package for creating, modifying, and writing Cadsoft EAGLE files


For writing EAGLE files, the non-standard Python package [lxml] is required. This can be installed using pip:

pip install lxml

If lxml is not available (for example, with IronPython), it is still possible to read EAGLE files, but it is not possible to write EAGLE files.


The package can be installed by cloning into the repository and then invoking from the source directory:

python install

This package is also avilable on the [Python Package Index][ppi], and can be installed using pip:

pip install eaglepy

Basic Usage

As a basic example, the following will create (and save) an empty schematic:

from eaglepy import default_layers, eagle

schematic_path = ‘schematic.sch’

schematic = eagle.Schematic(sheets = [eagle.Sheet()])

drawing = eagle.Drawing(grid = eagle.Grid(),
layers = default_layers.get_layers(), document = schematic)

e = eagle.Eagle(drawing)


More extensive documentation is available [here][doc].

There are a number of example modules provided in the examples/ directory.

[lxml]: [ppi]: [doc]:

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