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easylog 0.2.0 alpha

easylog works with the standard logging package to minimize logging-specific code in your own application or script.

The standard library logging package is very powerful, but does not scale down well.

Any configuration – even just saving messages to a file rather than the console – requires a fair amount of setup or glue code.

easylog wraps the standard library, to minimize the amount of logging-specific code in your own script or application.

>>> from easylog import critical, error, warning, debug, info
>>> debug("getFoo requesting %d %s", 42, "answers")
>>> error("getFoo says %d of those %s are lousy!", 19, "answers")
ERROR:easylog.easylog:getFoo says 19 of those answers are lousy!

Both messages are captured in the logfile, but only the error is shown onscreen.

If you want to change the logfile name/which messages are captured/the output format, etc, you can do that with a single call.

Alpha version 0.2.0 is available under the Python Software Foundation License at

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