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ec2-ssh 1.7.0

SSH into EC2 instances via tag name

A pair of command line utilities for finding and SSH-ing into your Amazon EC2 instances by tag (such as ‘Name’).

Forked from Instagram original code by YPlan.


From pip:

pip install ec2-ssh


# ec2-ssh

% ec2-ssh nginx2
# equivalent to
# ssh

% ec2-ssh root@appserver
% ec2-ssh deploy@nginx2 sudo restart nginx

# Specifying the user with an environment variable
% EC2_SSH_USER=deploy ec2-ssh nginx2

# ec2-host

# w/o arg: prints all active instances
% ec2-host

# w/ arg
% ec2-host backend

# w/ tag arg too
% ec2-host -t environment production



  • Next version release notes here

1.7.0 (2017-04-23)

  • Rewrite to use’s entry_points feature, rather than scripts. This makes everything importable from the ec2_ssh module and makes ec2-ssh faster as calling the ec2-host behaviour no longer requires subprocess.

1.6.0 (2017-04-13)

  • ec2-ssh supports specifying the username with the -u/--user flag or the EC2_SSH_USER environment variable.

1.5.3 (2017-03-23)

  • Acquired the PyPI name ec2-ssh, moved fork back there from ec2-ssh-yplan.

1.5.2 (2016-08-17)

  • Fix Python 3 bug with subprocess output type

1.5.1 (2016-01-21)

  • Pip failed to receive wheel in version 1.5.0, re-uploading

1.5.0 (2016-01-21)

  • Now using boto3

1.4.0 (2016-01-07)

  • ec2-ssh rewritten in Python. As part of this, the automatic ‘pretty prompt’ has been removed.

1.3.0 (2016-01-06)

  • Forked by YPlan
  • Output from ec2-host is now in random order, allowing ec2-ssh to spread logins between similar instances
  • Python 3 compatibility

1.2.1 (2011-11-27)

  • Fix issue when ec2-host finds one offline instance with same name as an online instance

1.2 (2011-11-27)

  • Merged pull requests to add region and tag support

1.1.1 (2011-11-17)

  • Add line echoing host before establishing SSH connection

1.1 (2011-11-15)

  • override prompt (PS1) to show tag name

1.0 (2011-09-05)

  • initial release
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
ec2-ssh-1.7.0.tar.gz (md5, pgp) Source 2017-04-23 4KB
ec2_ssh-1.7.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl (md5, pgp) Python Wheel 2.7 2017-04-23 6KB