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edbob 0.1a15

Pythonic Software Framework

Latest Version: 0.1.2

edbob is a Pythonic software framework, released under the GNU Affero General Public License.

It aims to be “environment-neutral” in that it can assist with development for console, web, or GUI applications. Pay only for what you eat; however all of its functionality combined may be considered a “full stack” of sorts.

For more information, please see or send email to Lance Edgar.


Install the software with:

$ pip install edbob


Built-in help can be seen with:

$ edbob help


  • Add alembic to db dependencies.
  • Fix alembic template.


  • Slight overhaul of init() system; added edbob.init_modules() function.
  • Added read_service() method to AppConfigParser class, for use with Windows services.
  • Added generic Service class to edbob.win32 module. (File monitor now inherits from it.)
  • Tweaked edbob.db initialization somewhat. (Base.metadata no longer binds to edbob.db.engine.)
  • Fixed guest role bug in edbob.db.auth.has_permission() function.
  • Added “automagical” enumeration support for database extensions.
  • Added EMAIL_PREFERENCE enum to contact database extension.
  • Tweaked edbob.pyramid.includeme().
  • Tweaked people Pyramid views.
  • Added edbob.daemon module.


  • edbob.pyramid.Session uses sessionmaker() instead of edbob.db.Session.
  • edbob.pyramid.includeme() now configures pyramid_beaker directly.
  • edbob.pyramid.includeme() now configures auth/auth policies directly.
  • Pyramid progress indicator added.
  • edbob.pyramid.Session added to global template render context.
  • request.get_referrer() method added (removed edbob.pyramid.util module).
  • request.get_setting() and request.save_setting() methods added.
  • Grid.column_header() now supports title attribute.
  • Grid.editable support added.
  • Template / style tweaks.
  • text argument to disable_button() JS function is now optional.
  • Forbidden view flash message no longer duplicated when multiple redirects occur.
  • CrudView class improved to support various workflow needs (e.g. post-delete procesing).
  • Extra renderer keyword args support added to GridView class.
  • SearchableAlchemyGridView class improved to support various workflow needs (e.g. obtaining an unsorted query).
  • Fixed file monitor on Linux.
  • Added pyramid_exclog dependency for Pyramid apps.
  • Added beaker and pyramid_exclog settings to scaffold INI files.
  • Added edbob.files.locking_copy() function.
  • Added file lock support to Linux file monitor.


  • Fix to include jQuery UI theme.


  • Add alembic stuff to scaffold.
  • Overhaul Pyramid templates and styles.
  • Fix current_time() in sqlalchemy module.
  • Improve web redirection on user logout.
  • Move database extension to subdir in scaffold.
  • Add BooleanSearchFilter class.
  • Overhaul CRUD form (create CrudView class).
  • Add get_referer() in pyramid.util module.
  • Overhaul file monitor Windows service.


  • Fix reStructuredText in changelog.


  • Clean up edbob.init(); fix call in Pyramid app scaffold.
  • Add grant_permission() function to edbob.db.auth.
  • Overhaul Grid, GridView classes in edbob.pyramid.
  • Restructure edbob.pyramid.forms.formalchemy.
  • Tweak Pyramid templates.
  • Add core_schema_installed() function to edbob.db.util.
  • Add generic autocomplete template.
  • Overhaul edbob.time.
  • Add contact database extension; moved Person to it.
  • Improve CrudView class.
  • Add get_user_dir(), get_user_file() methods to AppConfigParser.
  • Add DosFile class (for writing DOS files) to edbob.files.
  • Add jQuery smoothness CSS to static folder.
  • Add edbob.errors (overrides sys.excepthook).
  • Add debug logging to edbob.filemon.win32_server; made it call sys.excepthook() when actions fail.


  • Changed py-bcrypt requirement to py-bcrypt-w32 when running on Win32.
  • Removed explicit INFO level from basic_logging() function.


  • Tweaked logging and initialization semantics for shell command.
  • Added “foo” views and templates to Pyramid scaffold.
  • Added edbob.pyramid.forms.FieldSet.allow_continue attribute.
  • Made sort keyword optional for grids.
  • Added edbob.pyramid.views.Crud class.
  • Added edbob.pyramid.views.GridView class.
  • Added “Guest” role to auth / permissions framework.
  • Added edbob.pyramid.forms.formalchemy.AutocompleteFieldRenderer class.
  • Added edbob.Object.__str__() method.
  • Added edbob.sqlalchemy.current_time() function to provide UTC timestamp as a default field value.
  • Added pyramid_tm tween to Pyramid apps.
  • Tweaked login, object index and CRUD templates.
  • Added file monitor for Linux.


  • Fixed file.


  • Added edbob.csv module.
  • Tweaked logging configuration and initialization semantics.


  • Fixed call to sleep() in filemon service.


  • Various tweaks to Pyramid code.


  • Add win32.send_data_to_printer() function.
  • Various tweaks to Pyramid code.


  • Initial version
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edbob-0.1a15.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-09-22 304KB