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edbob 0.1a7

Pythonic Software Framework

Latest Version: 0.1.2


edbob is a Pythonic software framework, released under the GNU Affero General
Public License.

It aims to be "environment-neutral" in that it can assist with development for
console, web, or GUI applications. Pay only for what you eat; however all of
its functionality combined may be considered a "full stack" of sorts.

For more information, please see ` <http:""/>`_ or send email
to `Lance Edgar <>`_.


Install the software with::

$ pip install edbob


Built-in help can be seen with::

$ edbob help


- Tweaked logging and initialization semantics for shell command.

- Added "foo" views and templates to Pyramid scaffold.

- Added :attr:`edbob.pyramid.forms.FieldSet.allow_continue` attribute.

- Made ``sort`` keyword optional for grids.

- Added :class:`edbob.pyramid.views.Crud` class.

- Added :class:`edbob.pyramid.views.GridView` class.

- Added "Guest" role to auth / permissions framework.

- Added :class:`edbob.pyramid.forms.formalchemy.AutocompleteFieldRenderer`

- Added :meth:`edbob.Object.__str__()` method.

- Added :func:`edbob.sqlalchemy.current_time()` function to provide UTC
timestamp as a default field value.

- Added ``pyramid_tm`` tween to Pyramid apps.

- Tweaked login, object index and CRUD templates.

- Added file monitor for Linux.


- Fixed file.


- Added :mod:`edbob.csv` module.

- Tweaked logging configuration and initialization semantics.


- Fixed call to sleep() in filemon service.


- Various tweaks to Pyramid code.


- Add ``win32.send_data_to_printer()`` function.

- Various tweaks to Pyramid code.


- Initial version  
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