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edeposit.amqp.aleph 1.9.5

E-Deposit AMQP module providing communication with Aleph


This package provides middle-ware for communication with Aleph. Aleph is a system used in libraries to store meta-data about books and authors.


Full module documentation and description can be found at Read the Docs:




  • Added aleph.getISSNsXML().
  • Lincese changed to MIT.


  • Fixed bug in parsing of the AlephRecord.


  • Added support of the e-periodics.
  • Fixed few bugs.

1.9.0 - 1.9.2

  • Structure SemanticInfo redefined as requested in #54.
  • Fixed bugs in test subsystem, which showed when tested on new machine without envvars used on my PC.
  • Added new property SemanticInfo.acquisitionFields, which holds signs from acq.
  • Fixed #57: Bug in GenericQuery.
  • Fixed few more bugs in tests.
  • Removed sudo requirement from integration tests.

1.8.0 - 1.8.11

  • Removed old robot tests and added alternatives in pytest. More will come.
  • Added tests of conversion functions for EPublication and SemanticInfo.
  • Removed (#45), which was moved into standalone module [marcxml_parser](
  • Module refactored to work with, which brings many improvements.
  • Implemented #46: removed, functions moved to static methods and standalone submodule (see
  • Updated documentation.
  • README.rst updated.
  • Fixed small bug in
  • ISBN is now discriminated to valid and INVALID. See EPublication.invalid_ISBN.
  • External URL is now voluntary in export structure.
  • Fixed #50 - problem with checking for czech ISBN.
  • Fixed jstavel/edeposit#339 - problem with multiple PJM subfields.
  • Insignificant improvements.
  • Implemented parsing of .id_number to EPublication structure.
  • Added annotation field .anotace to EPublication structure.
  • EPublication.anotace field is now used in export.
  • Small improvements of code.
  • Added prefix to epub.annotation to export. This was required by mrs. Svobodová.
  • Fixed bug in counting max. allowed lenght of annotation.

1.7.0 - 1.7.4

  • is no longer part of the edeposit.amqp.aleph, but standalone module.
  • Small syntax improvements in ISBN module.
  • Improved parsing of summaryRecordSysNumber in SemanticInfo submodule.
  • Fixed paths in
  • Added new items to SemanticInfo structure (.isClosed, .summaryRecordSysNumber, .parsedSummaryRecordSysNumber).
  • Added new query ICZQuery.
  • Fixed #41 - case of deleted record with stub left after deletion.
  • Implemented #43 - new attributes to SemanticInfo.
  • Removed _remove_hairs() function, which is now in stanalone package.
  • Added dependency to remove_hairs standalone package.

1.6.0 - 1.6.5

  • Added new fields to SemanticInfo structure.
  • Fixed few bugs in
  • Fixed bugs, old code, small improvements.
  • Added new function downloadRecords().
  • Added four new functions: getISBNsXML(), getAuthorsBooksXML(), getPublishersBooksXML() and getBooksTitleIDs().
  • Refactored few unnecessarily long variables.
  • Added new function getDocNumber().
  • switched to use aleph.downloadRecord().
  • Fixed #27 - parsing of internal url field.
  • refactored slightly, fixed few little bugs.
  • Added different way of tracking SemanticInfo.hasISBNAgencyFields.
  • Fixed bug in
  • reactToAMQPMessage() parameters modified.

1.5.0 - 1.5.9

  • Fixed bug in
  • Added more detections to / toSemanticInfo().
  • changed and fixed. It can now convert MARC XML <-> OAI without any problems, just by changing .oai_marc property.
  • Fixed bug in ISBN submodule.
  • Added detection of ISBNQuery in ISBNValidationRequest.
  • Updated to new version of dhtmlparser.
  • Fixed bug in deserialization of semanticinfo.
  • Added tracking of export progress.
  • Added new Query class - DocumentQuery.
  • Documentation cleaned.
  • Added documentation for convertor.
  • Fixed bug in unittests.
  • Queries to test base are now handled by OAI API, which has access.
  • Export is working.

1.4.0 - 1.4.9

  • API change in reactToAMQPmessage(), which now takes just two parameters and returns values, instead of calling callbacks.
  • Documentation updated and made useful.
  • Documentation of updated.
  • Assertions in are now annotated (useful for debugging).
  • Version of package and documentation is now automatically parsed from this file.
  • Documentation of the whole package updated.
  • Fixed bugs in MARC XML parser and Aleph lowlevel API.
  • Added
  • Added TitleQuery.
  • Fixed bug in export script.
  • Changelog made more compact.
  • Fixed bug #23 in _removeSpecialCharacters().
  • Fixed export bugs (see #21 and #22).
  • Fixed reported bugs in export script.
  • Fixed bug in ISBN submodule.
  • Added unicode support to


  • Serializers removed from (De)serialization will be handled in edeposit.amqp, because other packages also uses it.

1.2.0 - 1.2.5

  • Fixed bug with package installation, when the package couldn’t find README.rst.
  • User defined JSON configuration is now supported.
  • Documentation is now even for’s attributes.
  • Documentation is now generated automatically everytime the package is generated.
  • Tests and HTML help is now included in PYPI package.
  • All source files are now documented with google style docstrings.
  • Added experimental export support.


  • Project released at PYPI.

1.0 (unreleased)

  • Communication with Aleph is now working.

0.1-dev (unreleased)

  • Package created using templer.
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