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edeposit.amqp.aleph 1.0

E-Deposit AMQP module providing communication with Aleph

Latest Version: 1.9.5


This package provides an AMQP middle-ware for communication with Aleph. Aleph is system used in libraries to store meta-data about books and authors.

You can read some documentation, but that is based on acceptance test and not really actual.

Actual documentation can be found in docstrings in each .py source file.

Acceptance tests

They are written using Robot Framework and they are stored at src/edeposit/amqp/aleph/tests directory.

You can run them manually (from the root of the package):

$ pybot -W 100 --pythonpath src/edeposit/amqp/aleph/tests/:src src/edeposit/amqp/aleph/tests/

Or continuously using nosier:

$ nosier -p src -b 'export' "pybot -W 100 --pythonpath src/edeposit/amqp/aleph/tests/ --pythonpath src src/edeposit/amqp/aleph/tests/"




0.1-dev (unreleased)

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edeposit.amqp.aleph-1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-02-26 22KB