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edeposit.amqp.aleph 1.2.0

E-Deposit AMQP module providing communication with Aleph

Latest Version: 1.9.5


This package provides an AMQP middle-ware for communication with Aleph. Aleph is a system used in libraries to store meta-data about books and authors.

You can read some documentation, but that is based on acceptance test and it’s not really actual.

Full documentation can be found in doc-strings of each .py source file. Full Sphinx documentation of source codes will provided to the end of this week.


Module is hosted at PYPI, and can be easily installed using PIP:

pip install edeposit.amqp.aleph

Sources can be found at GitHub:


Module provides several submodules:


Data structures for (generic, not just AMQP) communication. It contains reaction function reactToAMQPMessage(), which detects what (serialized) structure was given to her, do some low-level interactions with Aleph and returns result structures.

Module provides also serialize/deserialze functions for generic python namedtuple structures.


Used for raw communication with Aleph server. Communication is read-only and uses special API provided by Aleph X-Services module.

Can be queried using reactToAMQPMessage() defined in __init__.


MARC XML (de)serialization class, which provides some higher-level bindings to MARC records.


Convertors from MARC XML records to Epublication structures defined in __init__.


ISBN checksum validator.

Can be queried using reactToAMQPMessage() defined in __init__.

Acceptance tests

Robot Framework is used to test the sources, which are stored in src/edeposit/amqp/aleph/tests directory.

You can run them manually (from the root of the package):

$ pybot -W 100 --pythonpath src/edeposit/amqp/aleph/tests/:src src/edeposit/amqp/aleph/tests/

Or continuously using nosier:

$ nosier -p src -b 'export' "pybot -W 100 --pythonpath src/edeposit/amqp/aleph/tests/ --pythonpath src src/edeposit/amqp/aleph/tests/"

Status of acceptance tests

You can see the results of the tests here:

Results are currently (04.03.2014) outdated, but some form of continuous integration framework will be used in the future.




  • Project released at PYPI

1.0 (unreleased)

  • Communication with Aleph is now working

0.1-dev (unreleased)

  • Package created using templer
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edeposit.amqp.aleph-1.2.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-03-10 25KB