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edeposit.amqp.serializers 1.1.0

E-Deposit's AMQP definitions and common classes/patterns.

Latest Version: 1.2.0


This package provides functions to (de)serialize namedtuple to JSON.

Full module documentation is hosted at the readthedocs.


Module is hosted at PYPI, and can be easily installed using PIP:

pip install edeposit.amqp.serializers

Source codes can be found at GitHub:


So far, module provides only one submodule:


Serialization/deserialization functions to serialize() and deserialize() namedtuples to the JSON and back. Module needs to be initialized first by calling init_globals(globals()).

All three functions are imported in, so you don’t need to call edeposit.amqp.serializers.serializers - just edeposit.amqp.serializers will do.

Acceptance tests

Robot Framework is used to test the sources, which are stored in src/edeposit/amqp/serializers/tests directory.

You can run them manually (from the root of the package):

$ pybot -W 80 --pythonpath src/edeposit/amqp/serializers/tests/:src src/edeposit/amqp/serializers/tests/

Or continuously using nosier:

$ nosier -p src -b 'export' "pybot -W 80 --pythonpath src/edeposit/amqp/serializers/tests/ --pythonpath src src/edeposit/amqp/serializers/tests/"




  • Removed init_globals(). Globals are now passed as parameter to deserialize(). This was necessary to cover changes in variables during runtime.


  • Added documentation.
  • Readthedocs now automatically documents the project.
  • Added iiOfAny().

0.1 (unreleased)

  • Package created.
  • Added package test.
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