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edna2 0.1.4-

edna2 webserver for beets

Latest Version: 0.7.1

# Edna2

edna2 is a music streaming server based on two concepts:

  1. Streaming music should be as simple as possible
  2. You should be able to stream to as many platforms as possible

## Installation

Edna2 needs the [beets]( music manager to be installed before it can work. Edna2 is essentially a beets plugin (that’s exactly what it is actually). After installing beets, you will also need to have beets catalog your music library so edna2 can stream it for you. View the beets docs for how to do that.

After beets is installed, the easiest way to install edna2 is:

git clone cd edna2 python install

Then edit your .beetsconfig file to include the following line:

plugins = enda2

After that, you can start edna by doing:

beet edna2

edna2 will be started on port 5000, so navigate to [localhost:5000](http://localhost:5000) to see your music. Edna2 will serve out publicly by default (thus allowing you to stream music), so you can also use your ip address or the url of your server.

## Using edna2

The key feature of edna2 is the autosearch bar located in the upper left hand corner. Just type and your library will be automatically searched for terms. Then just click a song and it will start playing. Subsequent songs can be added to your current queue with a click and clicking any song in the queue will start playing it.

Currently edna2 only supports playing individual songs from your library, but this is VERY early in the development. Soon, clicking on an album or an artist will add all songs by that artist or from that album to your queue.

## What is edna2 using

Edna2 is using jQuery, flask, beets (duh), and audiojs. It’s based heavily on the web plugin for beets, so if you see similarities in the servers, that’s why.

## Why edna2

edna2 is inspired by the original [edna]( Edna is an impressive piece of software. I enjoyed the time I spent using it, but it’s from 2006 and no longer updated. Since edna was my inspiration for creating this new music server, I’m dubbing it edna2.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
edna2-0.1.4-.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-10-10 62KB
  • Author: Adam Weidner
  • License: LICENSE.txt
  • Package Index Owner: aweidner
  • DOAP record: edna2-0.1.4-.xml