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edurov 0.0.1b2

A educational project for remotely operated vehicles

Latest Version: 0.0.3

The eduROV project is all about spreading the joy of technology and learning. The eduROV is being developed as a DIY ROV kit meant to be affordable and usable by schools, hobbyists, researchers and others as they see fit. We are committed to be fully open-source, both software and hardware-wise, everything we develop will be available to you. Using other open-source and or open-acces tools and platforms.

Builds on this repo of previous work:




Run the following command in a terminal window on your raspberry pi (sudo rights are needed to enable console scripts):

sudo pip3 install edurov --pre

If you are planning on using the duo method as described below, you will also need to perform this installation on your controlling computer.



Web:The raspberry pi will serve a web page that can be viewed in a web browser on any computer on the same network
Duo:Requires that the eduROV packaged is installed on a second computer and the video is viewed using pygame

Web method

On the raspberry pi, run the following command:


This will start the web server and print the ip where the web page can be viewed, e.g. Visit the webpage at

Duo method

The controlling computer needs to be started first:

edurov-duo control " "

This will start the duo method in control mode at all ip’s. This command will print the ip address the ROV should connect to, e.g. ROV should connect to Then on the raspberry pi, run the following command:

edurov-duo rov

Remember to change the ip to the one printed on your controlling computer.


For additional parameters and information, the following commands can be used:

edurov-web -h
edurov-duo -h
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