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edw.recipe.responsecheck 1.0

A recipe that generates bash script for testing connectivity to application servers

This recipe can be used to generate a bash script that can test connectivity to application servers.

Example of usage

A simple buildout.cfg:

parts = checker

recipe = edw.recipe.responsecheck
start-port = 8000
end-port = 9000
step = 2
backends = backend1 ... backend2
path = ${buildout:directory}/bin

Recipe options


start-port = Port to start the check.
end-port   = Port to end the check.
step       = The numeric value that the count is increased by each loop.
backends   = List of backend names separated by space character.
path       = Path to a folder where the bash script will be saved.

Note: All options must be specified.

Final result

This recipe will generate a bash script that for each specified backend will test connectivity to every port from start-port to end-port with the specified step.


1.0 - (released)

  • Stable version

0.9.3-dev - (12.08.2014)

  • Added version.txt

0.9.1-dev - (12.08.2014)

  • Fix egg release

0.9-dev - (12.08.2014)

  • Verification of a port range
  • Verification for multiple backends
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