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eek 1.0.2

Eek, a [web] spider.

Eek is a web crawler that outputs metadata about a website in CSV format.


$ pip install eek


usage: eek [-h] [–graph] [–delay SECONDS] [–grep PATTERN] [-i] URL

eek recursively crawls a website, outputing metadata about each page in CSV format.

positional arguments:
  URL                The base URL to start the crawl

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --graph            output a graphviz digraph of links instead of CSV
  --delay SECONDS    Time, in seconds, to wait in between fetches. Defaults to
  --grep PATTERN     Print urls containing PATTERN (a python regular
  -i, --ignore-case  Ignore case. Only valid with --grep



To save output to a file, use redirection

eek > ~/some_file.csv

To slow down crawling, use --delay=[seconds]

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